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How to Find and Sell Scrap Platinum

Because there is such a small supply of platinum in the earth (35% rarer than gold) it is unlikely that the demand will ever drop enough to lower prices Here is a list of platinum items that you will want to keep an eye out for and how to sell them to a platinum refiner if you own any get price

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Each processing plant is designed specifically according to the ore characteristics and the mineral composition and for the highest recovery Portable Mineral Analyzer and Professional Lab Mineral Analyzer for XRF Test and equipment for Gravity Separation Test such as Lab Jig Concentrator platinum other metals and minerals get price

Platinum Mineral information data and localities

Palladium-Platinum Series Note that true native platinum in the mineralogical species sense is a rather rare mineral and most of the specimens so labelled are in fact isoferroplatinum or intimate mixtures of isoferroplatinum and tetraferroplatinum get price


PLATINUM Disclaimer prices mineral resource exploration and development capabilities recovery rates and other operational capabilities the availability of mining and processing equipment the ability to produce and transport products profitably the impact of foreign currency exchange rates on market prices and operating costs the get price

Gold Mining and Prospecting A simple test for gold

A simple test for gold There are very few minerals that resemble gold alone and a few sulfides that are commonly called fools gold Some weathered mica can also resemble gold if these substances are treated with acid they will dissolve and emit an odor like rotten eggs Something else that can be added to your prospecting equipment is a get price

Mineral deposit

Mineral deposit Mineral deposit Native metals Only two metals gold and platinum are found principally in their native state and in both cases the native metals are the primary ore minerals Silver copper iron osmium and several other metals also occur in the native state and a few occurrences are large enough—and sufficiently rich—to be ore deposits One example is the rich get price

Types of platinum and platinum nuggets

Answer A1 Platinum can occur in many forms in nature The platinum group elements (platinum palladium rhodium ruthenium iridium and osmium) generally occur as alloys with iron or with transition group metals such as arsenic tellurium antimony and vanadium or as mixed platinum-palladium sulphide minerals (cooperite and braggite) get price

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silica sand acid leaching equipment manufacturer Gold ore processing plant and the equipment for equipment for leaching by sulphuric acid tantalite minerals Get Price acid leaching machine equipments quartz usa Acid Leach Equipment Manufacturer For Mineral Proc acid leach chrome ore mines in turkey and acid leach chrome acid leach chrome ore get price

How Can Someone Tell If Platinum Is Real?

The easiest way for potential buyers to tell if a piece is true platinum is to perform a bite test similar to that which would be performed with gold Unlike gold if there are bite marks in the metal it is not true platinum Platinum is one of the most valuable metals in the world and is often imitated in order to be offered at a lower price get price

Laboratory Equipment for Mining and Metallurgy

We work together with our clients in mining metallurgy and mineral processing to deliver quality solutions Why choose Laval Lab ? We are aware that the industries of mining and metallurgy require equipment that is innovative and achieves high standards that's why Laval Lab is the essential reference for these products and services get price

Learn About Rhodium a Rare Platinum Group Metal

PMGs are found in various minerals including dunite chromite and norite The first step in extracting rhodium from the ore is precipitating precious metals such as gold silver palladium and platinum The remaining ore is treated with sodium bisulfate NaHSO 4 and melted resulting in rhodium (III) sulfate Rh 2 get price


and Mineral Industries 1 069 State Office Bldg Portland Oregon 97201 PLATINUM IN OREGON Steven R Munts* The ORE BIN Volume 35 No 9 September 1973 The platinum-group metals have been the subject of consider able discussion in the news media over the past few months particget price

Instructions for Refining Platinum with Aqua Regia

Put the solution aside The platinum will complete its precipitation in about 1-3 hours Test for platinum using the same detection liquid you used to test for gold Decant the solution and recover the platinum salts Rinse the platinum salts with water being careful not to pour platinum off with the rinse water get price

Mineral Rare Earth Elements Analyzer

Mineral Rare Earth Elements Analyzer Mineral Rare Earth Elements Analyzers Iron Ore Penalty elements in iron ores dilute the overall ore grade and reduce the ore-processing efficiency Niton analyzers can determine the composition of the iron ore and other base metal deposits (Fe Cu Pb Zn Ni Co) Platinum Group Metals (PGMs get price

Placer Platinum Nuggets

Sep 03 2015The Ural Mountains are the largest producer of placer platinum nuggets in the world Platinum is recovered from the gravels of creeks and rivers throughout the region Located in western Russia near the border with Europe the Urals are an exceptionally rich mountain range that also produces countless other metals and minerals get price

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Companies Test equipment for minerals and ores South Test equipment for minerals and ores South Africa (1 companies) Underground mining machinery and equipment South Africa (14 companies) Product and Service list Iron Ore Analysis Iron Ore Testing Lab Get Iron Ore Analysis and Testing Services in Mumbai India from RCA Laboratories get price

How to Test Gold With Vinegar

If you've ever wondered whether a gold piece is real gold or some other type of metal you can find out without taking it to a jeweler or pawn shop Using equipment and ingredients you already have you can test the authenticity of gold with a very simple test conducted in your own kitchen get price

How can I test if a metal is platinum?

The effect of acid is another basic test None of the common acids will attack Pt However cold aqua regia (3 part HCl + 1 part HNO 3) will attack Pt but only very slowly Aqua regia will attack most other metals and alloys almost instantaneously A reputable jeweller should be able to test for platinum get price

Platinum is produced in South Africa by Amplats Impala

The principal constituents of UG2 ore are chromitite (60-90%) orthopyroxene and plagioclase together with minor amounts of talc chlorite and phlogopite as well as smaller amounts of base-metal and other sulphides and platinum-group minerals get price

Metallurgy Mineral Processing

Metallurgy Mineral Processing 2 of process equipment by number The process streams are marked and linked to the mass and metallurgical balance The Process Description Document of test composites to establish ore grades mineral associations and liberation characteristicsget price

platinum mineral processing selection

A simultaneous mining and mineral processing optimization and Using advanced techniques an integrated geological mining processing to the PGM (platinum group metal) and related sectors of the mining industry the final optimization runs that have been selected as a guide for the feasibility study get price

Metals Minerals Ores and Mining Testing Mineral Science

Mining Mineral and Ore Laboratory Testing Submit Test Request Need to outsource Laboratories to perform your Mining and Mineral Science Analysis testing research exploration surveys characterizations developments experimentation or studies?get price

CR Scientific Catalog Platinum Wire Loop for Flame

Platinum Wire Loop for Bead Tests (Qualitative Analysis of Minerals) Update February 2019 We have a few of these in stock Platinum wire is used for flame tests and especially bead tests of minerals and other unidentified inorganic compounds get price

Platinum The mineral native Platinum information and pictures

Native Platinum is the most significant source of the element platinum although considerable quantities are also mined from the rare platinum arsenide mineral Sperrylite The rare metals iridium osmium rhodium and palladium are almost exclusively mined together with platinum in platinum deposits get price


- Iron Ore sourcing cost will later on become prohibitive while Magnetite Iron Sand are abundant in supply in the offshores of ARC countries Except in Japan where they have almost been exhausted The same situation may also happen to minerals like Nickel Gold Palladium Platinum Silver and the like get price

How to assay and evaluate platinum nickel and tin ores

The associated minerals are generally the ores of lead zinc and carbonate of iron Barite may be the gangue or veinstone Antimony is worth from 10 to 15 cents a pound Platinum This metal is only found native and it is killing the European mines The Cornish miners put their tin ore on a shovel when they wish to test it The sample get price

Equipments In Gold Mineral Equipments

Buy gold and silver ores gold refining equipment black you can buy gold ore samples and silver ores from mining operations across tools to test your gold refining skills or used in a mineral or rock display with our gold refining equipment to purify g Equipments in gold mineral equipments get price

Testing Precious Metals

Jun 12 2014Testing Gold Silver and Precious Metals Esslinger Staff June 12 Learn How To Test Platinum by following this link You need to have proper equipment to validate gold content July 2 2018 Cynthy Lee Reply Learn a lot from your post And I would like to share some Flammability Tester to you which may help you a lot get price

Mineral Processing Laboratories

Each ore presents its own individual problem but the experience gained from the investigation or treatment of a similar ore will indicate likely methods to follow and a comprehensive ore test will show the results that can be expected The Science of Mineral Processing faces a great challenge get price

How to test platinum palladium steel white gold

Platinum is the easiest metal to test you can leave the blue acid on the metal for several seconds or even for a minute and nothing happens at all it looks just like water then soak up the spot of acid with the test paper and nothing happens it looks just like get price